KORG M1 Le 1.1

Recreates the vintage digital synthesizer in virtual instruments
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The synthesizer reconstructs the M1 into an eight-part multitimbral tone generator with 256 notes of polyphony. Includes a filter resonator, effects, and two Master effects.

The Workstation That Started it All!
Korg Legacy Collection
Originally part of the Korg Legacy Collection: Digital Edition the M1 is now available individually. As the original manufacturer, Korg is uniquely qualified to recreate our vintage digital synthesizers as software instruments. And only Korg is able to offer all of the original sound data created for the M1; well over 3,000 sounds all together. The M1 is designed to run as a stand-alone program; or as a VST, AU or RTAS Plug-in, making it compatible with nearly any DAW software studio package.
256-note polyphony (Maximum)

8 Part

3,100 presets sounds; 400 user locations

950 PCM Waveforms

34 Types of on-board effects

In 1988, the M1 created the workstation category and went on to become one of the top selling keyboards of all time, easily surpassing an amazing 100,000 units. The M1 software synthesizer reconstructs the M1 into an eight-part multi-timbral tone generator featuring up to 256 notes of polyphony. Topping the list of software improvements are variable filter resonance, two Insert effects per part, and two Master effects. The M1 also contains all PCM, Program, and Combination data found in the original M1 and M1EX PCM expansion sets, all 19 optional ROM cards, plus the full sound set of the acclaimed T Series. Plus there are plenty of new sounds – including some slammin’ drums. That’s over 3,000 sounds total!

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